Go for it

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Go for it

Ugg, this is brilliant,
I can throw my attire,
man, you're a genius,
the invention of fire!

Consequences though,
it might harm the earth.
Don't be a div, man
think what this thing's worth.

Now how about this,
I've invented a gun.
But have you considered
repercussions, my son?

This is amazing,
discovering coal
to power the planet
and sell the earth's soul.

Our inventions make billions,
we don't ever rue it,
collateral's for sissies,
go for it, do it!

16 Comments on “Go for it

      • I think we must take some of the blame, as we’ve turned into mindless consumption machines it seems! Imagine if we all just refused to drive for a month: that would send a string message to the oil industry! But we don’t want to make any life-changing sacrifices.

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      • I was discussing with Mrs H this morning how, if we were all rationed to a gallon of fuel per week, it would make people consider whether their journeys by car were necessary, and it would have a huge positive impact on our CO2 emmisions.

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