Ask the reader

Hobbo:  Have you been messing on this laptop Dauphy?
Dauphy:  I only pressed the reader button, why?
Hobbo: Well, it's brought up a long list of all the sites we follow.
Dauphy: Mmm, I noticed that.
Hobbo: What's the significance of that number next to each blogger?
Dauphy, Why are you asking me? I'm a dog!
Hobbo: I know, but you've got more idea than me when it comes to computers.
Dauphy:  Why don't you ask some of your readers? They'll have an idea.
Hobbo:  Dauphy, you're a genius.
Dauphy:  Can I go back to sleep now...

26 Comments on “Ask the reader

  1. Where is this “reader” button? I have one top left but it shows me the feed of blogs I am following – the new posts. It has no list of followers with assigned numbers.

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    • When you are in reader, if you put check the circle next to where it says followed sites on the left, a list comes up of all the blogs you are following. Each blog has a number next to it.

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  2. It’s a bit like Willy Wonka’s elevator, Daugh. See you press a different button and go whizzing off in that direction. Could be pleasant, but…there’s a risk. 😉 No, I don’t even see the reader button. I think someone needs to write a WordPress for Dummies, so I can buy it. 😉

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