Levelling up

Photo by Ryan Millier on Pexels.com
Levelling up

We're building a high-speed train link
to run between London and Crewe,
shorten the journey by seconds
and dubbed by the press HS2.

What about cities Manchester, Leeds
and your promise of boosting the North?
Way too expensive, we've cancelled those links
The North, I'm afraid, can fuck orf!

24 Comments on “Levelling up

      • I think it was a good idea to farm the agencies out to the regions, you know like the DVLA in Swansea.
        I do think there is a problem with parl being based in London. It shouldn’t matter, but it obviously does.
        I heard an E Midlands MP talking along the lines “I’m alright, Jack. It’s up to the north to argue its case”, which I think is disappointing. I’d have thought they should all be arguing for a flatter distribution.

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      • There is a similar, though not as pronounced divide in other countries too. Decentralisation definitely helps.

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      • This rucus about 2nd jobs might help, too. Just in terms of cutting ties to the big London firms they all consult for.
        It seems a no-brainer to me that they should be “restricted” to one job – representing their constituents. I’d also pay them proportional to the average wage, maybe 1.5 times? A backbencher currently gets £80k/year. Seems a lot.

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      • I agree. Can’t imagine being allowed or having the time for a second job when I was a cop. Surely being an MP should be a full time commitment, and don’t get me started about second homes!

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      • Yup. If they’ve time for other things, they’re not doing the job properly. There was aguy once local to me, a guy called Terry Fields. Used to be a fireman before an MP. He continued taking his fireman’s salary, and donated the rest to the party. Seems quite an honourable thing to do. Placed called Broadgreen in Liverpool.

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