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This terrible rage
in the critical cage
of my mind
I find, needs to out
to tantrum, to shout
at the ones it holds dear
then, regretting the tears
sneaks, like a thief
back into its cage,
for an age.

The other half-me,
the one that most see,
is sweetness and light,
treats people right,
is a cowardly knave,
the other half's slave.
It needs to grow teeth,
find the courage beneath
the boldness to change,
kill the beast
in the cage.

15 Comments on “Torn

  1. Wow, Hobbo. Deep.

    By the way (and totally off subject), I asked WP about the number. This was their response:
    That’s the number of unread posts you have from that site! You can click on any of them and mark all posts as seen if you like, to clear the count and start over.

    I DID try clicking on articles to see if that was the case BEFORE e-mailing and the number didn’t change; but if they say it’s that, it’s that.

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    • Thanks Chel.
      I asked WP the same question, and they told me it was the number of likes per post. When I said that was clearly not right, I got no further response, It would appear that WP don’t know themselves!

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      • Sounds like they thought it was a different area you asked about. I got a followup:

        From me: I can’t seem to find the place to mark them all as read and clear the number out, nor did clicking on new articles from those sites seem to affect the number -so I thought that wasn’t the case after experimenting. Is there a walkthrough or guide for how to clear that number?

        From them: No, you’re right! That’s a combination of two things: a bug that means things aren’t getting registered as read, and a feature that’s not available right now. I’ve been doing some testing to find an alternative way, and I’ll be in touch with our developers to see what I can wrangle. In the meantime, it might just be stuck that way! If you notice anything else we can improve in the Reader, please do let me know and I’ll pass it on.

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