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Got a problem to solve,
A hitch to resolve,
Get involved, stick your feet in,
Time to greet, call a meeting.

There's no need to slum it,
We'll call a posh summit.
Why rough it in Havering,
We'll fly abroad for our gathering.

We can sort any difference
By having a conference,
Make sure there's decorum
And have a big forum.

There could be provocation
At this next convocation,
It may get a bit raucous,
Shall we call it a caucus?

A convention sounds good,
The intention though should
Be to eat, wine and chat
Discuss, chew the fat.

Whatever we do,
We mustn't take action,
That would split us in two
And start a new faction.

12 Comments on “Meetings

  1. Yes. And in the outcomes you use words like “shall endeavour/will try/should attempt/might consider/begin the process/create a raft of sub committees” Then we all feel good and have another of Brazil’s finest, France’s bubbliest, Australia’s baaaiest, etc

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