Poem with no name

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Poem with no name

It happens sometimes,
we run out of rhymes,
where normally there are plenty
our fun-bank is empty.
We search a new muse
to inspire, to amuse.
We chatter and talk
or take a long walk
among the tall trees
and the whispering breeze,
to start juices flowing
without really knowing
if that awful blank page
will be there for an age
or suddenly sink
under fast-flowing ink
rekindling the flame
for the poem with no name.

Today though, I'm dry
not a thought, just a sigh,
as I sit here alone,
bereft, with no poem,
swimming in sorrow
but, there's always tomorrow.

6 Comments on “Poem with no name

  1. oh i know!!!!!!!!!!!!! And most of my poems don’t even rhyme. I feel so bereft when I can’t come up with anything. It’s pretty extraordinary that you manage to post 3 a day!

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