The mistake

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The mistake

When I made the mistake
all foolish men make,
she said she'd forgive
and try to let live.
I'm entirely to blame
and I've lived with that shame,
gone way beyond tears
for thirty-odd years.

The words stay unspoken
but the trust is still broken,
a malodorous sore
like a turd on the floor.
She is trying, I know
but she can not let go,
a silent portrayal
of my stupid betrayal.

It is tragedy, Greek,
it is broken Lalique,
never make that mistake
that we foolish men make.

12 Comments on “The mistake

  1. The first and last stanza come across as moving and sincere. I had to google Lalique because I’m an ignoramus when it comes to the finer things. The turd on the floor is more in the line of your humourous poetry. Is that deliberate? Did you want some humour in there?

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