Bag it, bin it

Photo by Helena Lopes on
Bag it, bin it

She fancied a bit of a walk
but dog wanted more of a run,
so, stopping with friends for a talk
man's best friend set off for some fun.

Engrossed with her chattering group,
a whole lot of things on her mind,
she failed to see dog have his poop;
not surprisingly then, she was fined.

6 Comments on “Bag it, bin it

  1. A popular writing topic. I still can’t resign myself to putting organic matter inside non biodegradable plastic. It’s a hideous once-only use of plastic. And although some bags sold here purport to degrade I don’t believe it. I move doggy’s dunnit with bark/leaves to a non walking area eg in a bush or under a tree. Probably there are city areas where that’s not an option. I don’t know the solution then. But there has to be a better solution than plastic.

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    • We had a pet loo in France. Basically, a small sunken bucket full of a liquid which biodegraded the poop you put in and then filtered it into the garden. It worked brilliantly, but was not something you could pick up and carry round with you!

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