The duck with no luck

Photo by Armando Are on
The duck with no luck

A duck with no luck
was reading a book,
when a frog with a dog hopped beside her.
He'd sarnies to eat,
fish paste, potted meat
and a nice apple pie which surprised her.

Duck forgot all her cares
as she dined on this fare,
with lashings of raspberry juice.
when an idea struck,
to change the duck's luck,
frog spoke to his friend, Lucy Goose.

Apprised, Lucy Goose
thought that she'd be no use
but she knew of a white fluffy rabbit,
hilariously funny
and remembered this bunny
attracted success as a habit.

This rabbit was found
hopping gaily around
on three feet, with one lost to a snare.
His old rabbit's foot,
he gave for good luck,
to duck, quackers but she didn't care.

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