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She's dragged me round each store
until my feet are sore,
shopping till we drop;
I'm knackered girl, please stop.
My legs are on the brink
of packing in, I think
I'd really love a break
before my arms, which ache
stretch any blooming longer
under all these bags, though stronger
men than I, would spot a little chink;
that cosy pub, I need a drink.

Next time, I'll go alone
all he does is moan;
we've only bought a bit
and he's giving me such shit.
When we go to B and Q
he has so much work to do
that he can spend all day
choosing toys with which to play.
One foot in M and S
and his head is in a mess;
"Can't you leave that on the shelf?"
No! Next time, I'll go myself.

15 Comments on “Shopping

  1. In the most ideal world, i wouldn’t go shopping at all. LOL. THinking of that today a delivery van arrived unheeded by humans. The dog was in the yard though and so the driver just hoiked the parcel over the gate and went on his merry way. The first humans knew of the parcel was me seeing our little white dog carrying the parcel across the lawn to chew on in the sun. It was hilarious. He looked so cute!! If I hadn’t feared for the life of the one Christmas present we have organised, I would’ve been tempted to leave him to it.

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  2. Since Covid arrived in the air, I’ve hardly stepped into a shop. Groceries delivered; Christmas gifts delivered; milkman delivering; the postman knows I’m a postman’s daughter (makes all the difference!); and the recycling boys take all the empty boxes away!

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