Peppa Pig

Photo by Chris F on
Peppa Pig

It's like a scene from Tolkien
with Peppa Pig and vaccine;
strategy just goes wrong
for Boris Johnson's swansong.
Send him to España
to play at Rule Brittania,
we don't require CBeebies
to fix our heebie-jeebies.
Peppa Pig:  UK children's programme
CBeebies: UK children's channel
UK prime minister, Boris Johnson introduced Peppa Pig into a press conference recently, and got himself into a bit of a tangle.

14 Comments on “Peppa Pig

  1. It was even worse when he lost his place in the speech. ” Forgive me……eh….forgive me ” Shuffles papers…..” Forgive me…” Peppa pig….the mind boggles Hobbo

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  2. LOL… wow. Hadn’t heard about this, but you lampooned it brilliantly. I’ve decided since so busy that I’ll jump in to see one of your three posts a day. I’ll pick my fave title from the three notifications in my email. So name them well. 😀 Nice to be back! Missed you and your commentary and humor.

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