Ironbridge bridge

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Ironbridge Bridge

I can see you’re a soldier
but I’ve already told yer
on duty or not,
I don’t give a jot.
This was built by a quaker
so, I’ll have to make yer
cough up for the toll
if you’re wanting to stroll
over that ridge
and onto this bridge.
No exceptions at all
for the man from Bengal,
the pauper, the prince
or anyone, since
the rules are quite clear
you all pay, my dear;
the charges are listed
so that even tight-fisted
soldiers must pay-
that is all I need say.

8 Comments on “Ironbridge bridge

    • Yes, it was from a visit to a place called Ironbridge. The town is named after their cast iron bridge which was originally a toll bridge. They had a list of charges when it was first opened and there were no exceptions! They have a photo of the toll keeper taking money from a youthful looking Prince Charles.

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      • A half penny, I think it was. It’s odd because I only recall paying for museum admission, not to cross the bridge. Maybe there’s an honesty box? 🤔

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      • I think they stopped charging tolls shortly after Charley crossed. It’s not privately owned any more,

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