Still here

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Still here

Covid, covid everywhere
and still we have no clue,
a tiny virus in the air,
we don't know what to do.

Is it herd immunity
or lock-down and vaccine
will heal the world's community
and make our planet clean.

As I am no scientist,
I'll follow to the letter
advice, but get well pissed
at people who know better.

16 Comments on “Still here

  1. And this woman on the news last night saying, “I can go to a party and not wear a mask, but I have to wear one in a taxi? I’m so confused by what the government says.” Well, piffle. A thousand times, piffle. You wear a mask to protect other people (not yourself!). The cabbie has hundreds of people scooting in and out every day, which means he’s exposed to a huge virus load, so you wear a mask in the cab to protect the driver. What.What.What is wrong with people.

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  2. Me too. So what if it’s in your opinion pointless? The simple act of not engendering animosity for your (appearing) careless and inconsiderate attitude would be welcomed. Good write Hobbo.

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