Getting there

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Getting there

We live our lives
to get
to the best bits
and when the highlights
are behind us,
that's when
we realise
that there is
rewind button.

we still
the best we can do
is hit
the pause button
take a breath.

23 Comments on “Getting there

  1. So true! Always looking forwards. “Can’t wait for this. Can’t wait until I’m that.” I think I might get a tattoo of a pause button on the back of my hand as a reminder. If I do, I’ll ask you to autograph it.

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  2. Like the advice, but I believe (not entirely in the spirit of your advice) we can do a mental rewind and replay of sorts. I do use that at times, to make me more mellow when I’m torqued, more tolerant when I’m angry over others’ intolerance, and generally to remind me to try to improve. It’s a battle. But I need the personal history. Thanks for the read.

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    • I have never heard the expression being torqued, but it’s a good one; portrays a vivid mental image. know what you mean about the mental rewind.


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