On Course

Photo by Keira Burton on Pexels.com
On Course

We've: A warm approach
to central heating,
slimmer's guides
to pies and eating,
yoga classes
for beginners,
bible basics
for the sinners,
Ancient Latin,
beginner's gym
to do your back in,
giving up
the demon booze,
travel tips
for those who cruise,
knitting scarves
and sewing bees,
ridding cats
and dogs of fleas,
social media,
basic acting,
secrets of the state
how to be
a master-chef,
singing lessons
for tone-deaf,
you can build
a Chieftain tank,
save more money
in the bank,
baby care-
prevent her crying,
stalling tactics-
stave off dying,
quantum theory
just for dummies,
slimmer's world
for flabby tummies,
theory swimming
keeps you dry,
pilot courses-
learn to fly,
a worm's eye view,
how to keep
a bear or two,
flower arranging
in a bubble,
keeping out of
covid trouble,
for skinny midgets,
for those who fidget,
hide and seek
for claustrophobics,
let it out
in nude aerobics.
No matter what
your gap in knowledge,
we can fill
that hole at college.

21 Comments on “On Course

    • 🤣 And I had you down for a redacting state secrets type of girl. No specific requirements; you do have a bear, don’t you? Koalas and teddies don’t count.

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      • LOL Made me laugh out loud. You mean you need bears before you can learn how to keep them? How very treacherous! I have a couple on order from North America. Heard shipping is in a mess with the pandemic. Not sure the bears are helping. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • 🤣 I was going to recommend our initial course, ‘Choosing your bear carefully.’ As you have already taken the plunge, I have put you down for the intermediate course, ‘Turning your home into a bear-friendly environment.’ I hope that it’s not too late and you haven’t opted for next day delivery!

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  1. You’ve a much more diverse curriculum over there. Several courses at first I might consider, but in reflecting, probably not. Good morning read.

    Liked by 1 person

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