A minister in his prime

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
A minister in his prime

I'm just not very humble,
I'm a bumbling Prime Minister,
I waffle lots of offal,
it's all tripe and nothing sinister.
I studied  Greek at Uni
and I stutter from my diaphragm,
it's all a load of bollocks,
I can quote Trollope Ad Nauseam.
My ministers administer,
find it hard to keep their trousers on,
I tell them off but they're all toffs
and sometimes they just carry on.

I've not a clue but made Who's Who,
I'm good for every dodgy quote,
my ruffled hair gets everywhere,
I know that I will get your vote.
I am clueless, hopeless, hapless,
sackless, diabolical,
I am a joking, smoking,
parody of allegorical.
It has been said I'm off my head,
the supposition is I'm barmy;
in my favour, for your saviour,
in opposition is Kier Starmy!

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