Whisky Maudlin

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com
Whisky Maudlin

Please let me die,
curl up in a heap;
life is too much,
I just want to sleep.

Yes, I'm depressive
but life is so tough;
it's distractions oppressive,
I've had quite enough.

I know that I love you
but you don't need me,
please let me slumber,
please, let me be.

14 Comments on “Whisky Maudlin

  1. Hm. Odd. Never would have thought so, this. Me – prefer Irish – but lately have put myself well away because for the enjoyment it gives, it disturbs my sleep unless I stop before 4pm, which is stupid, but it’s a rule to not START before 5pm. (all that nonsense about ‘5pm somewhere’ aside. Contrary to what observers of this curmudgeon might think I am quite gentle when potted, quiet, smiling, and non-confrontational. I’d add ‘funny’ but inside looking out, I’m nogt qualified. certainly not Maudlin, morose, or as appears here contrarian. Goodness, Hobbo, surely you are putting us on?

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    • Interesting, isn’t it, how the demon booze affects us all differently. Mellow and sleepy is usually the effect that it has on me. I have never tried Irish though, and will make sure I do so. If I admitted to putting you on, would I earn penalty points on my poetic licence? Thanks for the visit.


      • Oh, no loss of points. An observer of people (and dogs) an amateur psychologist, and something of a detective, I consider WPers large mosaics, the whole of personality not visible until pieces are discovered, place and often replaced,

        Re Irish. If you like Scotch, you’ll like good Irish, less of the peat smoke taste with substantial numbing, calming effects.

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      • No loss of points is a relief! Re the Irish, calming sounds good. Not sure I need the numbing.


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