Political Party

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com
Political Party

Let's have a party for Christmas,
I think it's a spiffing idea,
we'll do ten-quid-each Secret Santa,
let Harrods deliver the beer.

But we're meant to be running the country,
we've told people not to have fun;
how will we ever fight Covid
if the public finds out what we've done?

It's one rule for them, one for us
and we'll say that we stuck to the rules,
if that doesn't work, we will lie
and treat them like gullible fools!

20 Comments on “Political Party

  1. The government has learnt from last year’s antics: this time with plan B they refrain from discouraging people from gathering for a festive knees-up. I am sure there’s already a party at nr 10 in planning…

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      • Why? Because the public lets it be so. Indignation is short-lived, never blossoming first to outrage then to seeking kindred thinkers to unite to cause downfall of the corrupt and and inept, forced reckoning for ill-gotten gain and harm done.

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      • If we forced all the corrupt out of office, there would be no one left to run the country. We’d have to do it ourselves! I’ll stick with the writing, but thanks for the offer.😂


      • It would be your civic duty. The corrupt not only should be forced out of office they should be imprisoned and made to labor to make restitution for the harm they’ve caused or simply let happen.

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