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A bombing in Manchester,
a six year old
starved to death,
a woman raped
and killed by a cop.
We demand enquiries.
We need answers.
We want someone to blame.

Mistakes are made
by authorities,
by services,
by individuals;
they always are.
We are only human.

But we must learn
and move on.
Let the blame,
the real blame,
where it belongs;
with the killers.

13 Comments on “Blame

  1. it’s a tough one, Hobbo: no easy solution; I often grapple with this one as you obviously do but I really don’t know the answer 😦 you need the wisdom of Solomon 🙂

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  2. And yet there are those who will suggest the “village” did not do its job, Momma was not attentive enough. I maintain had daddy pounded some ass early on and regularly, some villains would be less villainous.

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