Photo by Rutpratheep Nilpechr on Pexels.com

The zoo visit
was depressing;
a solitary
silver-haired Macaque
with no mate
or friends.

Spotted antelope
in seasonal

A lion
and lioness
in an enclosure
a fraction the size
of their natural habitat.

Despondent tapirs, staring
through glass screens
as though
we were the exhibits.

Then the butterfly house,
claustrophobic humidity
but breathtaking beauty,
a salve for the soul.
That's better!

10 Comments on “Zoos

  1. Oh I commiserate. Zoos can be awful places. Even now I have to tell myself that, without them, the plight of tigers would be even worse than it currently is. They’re about awareness. But I do sometimes weep inside for the animals.

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    • I am behing them when they have breeding programmes for endangered species, but even that is a dichotomy because it is humans who caused the animals to be endangered in the first place.

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