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I'm an internet icon
with a Facebook facade,
an Instagram idol
who tries really hard.

I'm a Snapchat soldier,
a TikTok teaser,
a WhatsApp wizard,
a Just Eat geezer.

I'm a YouTube Yoda,
an iPhone banker,
a LinkedIn lover,
a WikiLeaks wanker.

I'm a Google giggler,
a Hangouts honey,
a Netflix knobhead
making online money.

I'm an Influencer,
that's what they say;
a sad, shallow hero
of our Internet age.

23 Comments on “Influence

    • Thanks. I would call it fame for fame’s sake, but they make money somehow. It just astounds me, and as you say, it is so shallow.

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  1. I am put to mind of the Brit meaning of “wanker.” Sorry, you said it first. I do believe social media one of the most insidious evils of our time. Responsible, I believe for many of the mental ills of youth, and increases in bullying, snarkism, trolling, and other cowardly social interactions. Well-written Hobbo. I hope some of the children out there stop to consider the weight of your words.

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