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It is simply amazing,
demonstrated, you'll see
that my sister-in-law's
daughter's cousin's brother's
mother is married to me!

18 Comments on “Family

  1. 🤣🤣 From that information I think we might be related! Because my brother’s wife’s cousin’s nephew’s grandmother has a sister who was born in England and has a huge family who sounds just like yours!

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  2. I tried to map this out. Taking you on faith here. On accounta, there are stories (some, sadly true) of, um, ah, er, peculiar relatioonships in America’s deep south. Now, I go to take my meds to stop my head from hurting.

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    • Trust me;
      My sister-in-law, Barbara
      Her daughter, Emma.
      Emma’s cousin, John
      John’s brother, James
      James’ mother, Mrs H.
      QED. Welcome to part of my family!

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