Favourite Three Poems of 2021

Dauphy:  You can't do this yet, there are two weeks left.
Hobbo:  It doesn't matter.  The winners need time to buy posh frocks to celebrate.
Dauphy: Now everyone knows they are all women!
Hobbo:  Never mind. Shall we do a first, second and third.
Dauphy:  No. They are all so good; it would be unfair to pick an outright winner.
Hobbo:  Okay. I agree. Here then, in no particular order, from all the thousands of wonderful poems we have read this year are our three favourites.  We are not going to attempt to critique them; the poems speak for themselves.

S.S.Haircut by K.Hartless

In the Music School by abigfatcanofworms

A dVerse soliloquy Stream of Conciousness by Misky

Congratulations to the winners, and better luck in 2022 to the many, many others who came so very close.  It was an extremely difficult choice, so please don't be offended if you didn't quite make the cut. A heartfelt thanks from us and warmest wishes of the season.
Hobbo and Dauphy

17 Comments on “Favourite Three Poems of 2021

  1. Awww Thank you!!! I will have to go back and read those ones. I haven’t read the music school one for ages. I’ve read SS Haircut recently. An amazing poem, indeed! Quite gets you behind the eyes. I just re-read Misky’s wonderful soliloquy. What a lovely lot of memories and a fabulous end! I feel honoured to stand alongside these two in my wonderful new frock! Thank you, Hobbo and Dauphy!!

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  2. I am honoured to see that poem make your list. And to be included amongst some of my favourite poets makes me cheery beyond good sense. Thanks you, Dauphy. Thank you, Hobbo.

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  3. Well, sir, congratulations to the winners. And thank you for standing as publicists and judge. I should work harder to read more poemetry to come to a genuine understanding of its multitudinous forms. Alas, first I need study grammar, poemeticists, greater (Hobbs, Bumper, Service) and lesser (Keats, Shakespeare, Sandburg, and Nash) and I fear the sands of time are against me.

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  4. Oh my goodness, Dauphy and Hobbo, I am so honored to be on your top list for 2021. Happy feet dance commencing. This year has been sweeter, gigglier (yep, I’m going to try and spread this one), and overall more bright because of both of you. Happy holidays sweet friends. Cheers to another year of brave new verse.

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