Table Manners

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Table Manners

Wait for Grace!
Elbows off the table.
Don't talk with your mouth full.
Shut mouth when you're chewing.
Don't make that noise.
Don't eat with your fingers.
That's the wrong fork, 
you dork.

Say please.
All these rules.
It's worse than school.
Don't slurp.
Don't burp.
Don't fart.
Don't start;
your rules are petty,
wacky, tacky;
me and Grace
are off to Maccy's.

23 Comments on “Table Manners

  1. Some table manners rules are weird aren’t they? What’s with elbows? And yet the ones that get drilled in, really stick. I was taught to eat everything on my plate and then put my fork and knife neatly side by side to say I hD finished. Mr Worms often leaves a little bit and rarely puts his knife and fork together. As much as it niggles, I have no idea why those rules were introduced so why should I make a fuss. So it’s logic vs years of training. It’s a tough battle. 🤣

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  2. Just slurped coffee with my tiny little keep him sane tablet (it doesn’t really work) and suffered calamity. Been a while since that’s happened. Seems last time it was your fault too. “Dork.” That’s a favorite word of mine. All know it is, though it is only a placeholder.

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