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I was asked by him, politely
to name my favourite kipple.
I think, young man, I said,
you'll find the word is tipple.

Our beer, said he's, home brewed
from everyone's detritus;
it's strong, will leave you stewed
and suffering from St. Vitus.

It has a bitter taste,
as from a witch's nipple
and because it's made from rubbish
we named our beer Old Kipple.

15 Comments on “Kipple

  1. Huh. Not having any idea what this was really about, I googled the definition of Kipple and found references to Philip K Dick (sci fi is not a genre I lean toward naturally). I hadn’t heard of that term. Thank you for teaching me something! Beer from rubbish sounds like something worth brewing. LOL I do wonder how I’d feel about drinking it though. But when you think that all the water on Earth has been recycled multiple times… perhaps a Kipple is better than a pissle.

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  2. somehow I can’t see this catching on 🙂 I’d like to see how they would advertise such a brew 🙂 love the witch’s nipple reference —

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