The power of funny

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The power of funny

Hobbo was a poet
scribbling ditties by the score.
Not in it for the money;
he wanted something more
important, critical
to make the readers smile,
have a chuckle to themselves,
forget their worries for a while.

But the poet also wanted
to make the public think
what they could do about a world
so clearly on the brink.

He had some small successes
with Dauphy, his black dog;
a mix of thoughts and laughter
he slowly grew his blog.
Hobbo stayed unpublished,
simply not the business type;
happy to write poetry,
he shied away from hype.

After he had snuffed it
his family found his treasure,
tons of his originals
written for pure pleasure.
His new books sold like hot-cakes,
for charity the money.
He would have been delighted
to see the power of funny.

26 Comments on “The power of funny

  1. What a fun story. I think you’re so right about the power of funny. And the power of funny to the power of Hobbo and Dauphy is something powerful indeed! But publication will happen sooner than post-snuff won’t it?????

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  2. Checked out or planning on checking-out? Howcum this is the first we’ve heard? Sincerely hope all poetic license and you’ll make the tome twice as fat, twice as nice. Stick around, dude. Get the relo done, then seek counsel before any rash moves. K?

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