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I can't cook
a Cordon Bleu meal,
I can't swim
like a fish or a seal.
I can't fly
a Jumbo Jet plane,
I can't even
sing in the rain.

I can't drive
a fast racing car
or tell you
the names of the stars,
I can't quote
you Byron or Shelley,
I can't even
tell if I'm smelly.

I can not
at all, tell a lie,
or do something
bad or be sly,
I can't hate
you or discriminate,
I'm an innocent
new neonate.

6 Comments on “Can’t

  1. awwww. That’s sweet. All true too… well I can’t say that for sure as I haven’t met them all nor tested them on all these points. But it feels true! And it’s quite endearing.

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