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To air
democratic voice,
when I go
I'd like a choice.

To choose
better, best
not pick
worse, worst.

18 Comments on “Democracy

  1. so true: elections coming up in Oz and the UK, I believe, and Germany too? I do wish the candidates had more substance, integrity, vision — am I asking too much ? — and the ability to deliver —

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  2. So true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A friend was just saying tonight that she’s already sick of the upcoming Federal Election and it hasn’t even been called yet. Our wise and awful PM has booked in minimal sitting days between now and the middle of next year (I think 6 in total) to ensure that none of his dirty laundry can be aired that might dull his chances at the election.

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  3. Oho! Thee and me.` Here’s a novel thought. Two run for office. The loser goes to prison until the term of office is over. No, that won’t work, we are talkig about lesser of two evils.

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