Dirty Bitch!

Photo by Zettlwirtschaft on Pexels.com
Dirty Bitch!

She hunted
under cover of night,
her brush tail
trailing cubs.
Foraged for food,
Left her mark,
ancient as time.

Another she,
a cold dawn later,
can not resist
that smell,
drops her shoulder
and rolls,
ignoring her owner's

11 Comments on “Dirty Bitch!

  1. Doggy Chanel! A dog owner near here told me how she read something suggesting that dogs’ identities are tied up in smell much much much more than sight. It’s made me feel a bit conscious of how we don’t let Oscar choose his own identity. It’s like me not being allowed to choose my clothes or my hairstyle. I am not sure that there’s a happy compromise though.

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  2. Nice. Some cannot resist a roll in something we consider less than fragrant. Then what do they think of Parfum de Roses?

    Allus thot a female fox a vixen.

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