Granddad’s loft

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Granddad's Loft

My granddad's loft is full of stuff
not getting used and caked in fluff:
a leaky pair of wellingtons
two ancient, plastic skellingtons,
garden tools with last years mud,
old tins of gunk or is it blood,
electric tools and pots of glue,
a stuffed meerkat, a broken cue,
boxes packed with this and that,
an ornamental Cheshire cat
and best of all the rocking chair
where me and Granddad natter there.

15 Comments on “Granddad’s loft

  1. love that verb ‘natter’: it’s such a warm, companionable word, a bit like yr grandpa; love too that musty Aladdin cave of granddad’s things 🙂

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