Sticks and stones

Photo by Scott Webb on
Sticks and stones
(inspired by Ian Humphreys' Break my Bones)

When they looked
in his pram
and called him a paki
he didn't understand.

When the boys
at school
said he was a wog
he ignored them.

When he started work
and they taunted him, nigger,
it stung, hung in
the air like a cancer.

At home, he threw the
poetry book he was writing
into the bin with yesterday's leftovers,
picked up his laptop
and typed the word detonator.

16 Comments on “Sticks and stones

  1. I can’t find the words I’m searching for … 20-minutes I’ve been sitting here staring at the screen. Perhaps I want to know what he’s planning for that detonator, and why hasn’t anyone asked that question, and am I wrong-minded in wondering about that?

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    • No, you are not. I’m very glad that I set you thinking because that’s what I wanted to do. The poem that inspired this is about the positive effect a kind word can have and this set me thinking what it must be like to never hear that kind word. Thanks for the comments.

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