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A prehistoric wonder
of monolithic stones,
these massive remainders,
its leftover bones.

Or, static evidence
of humanity, defeated
a giant piece of Lego
project uncompleted.

If this was ever finished,
who pulled the building down
and where'd they take the rubbish;
the tip is out of town.

16 Comments on “Stonehenge

  1. We went to Stonehenge. Unfortunately we’d had an ordinary night in a Travel Lodge and then failed to find any breakfast and I hadn’t had a coffee yet. It wasn’t a good start to the day. And yet the recorded tour they gave us to walk around with was totally enthralling. I don’t remember any of it now but I was impressed that it managed to grip me when I was in a mood to be extremely critical.

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  2. I remember the busdrivers song on the public bus when I was there 30 years ago. “Stonehenge, Stonehenge, takes your breath away. Especially when you realize how much you have to pay”

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