The covid scale

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The covid scale

Almost two years on
It has touched the lives of everyone;
Killed millions,
Taken loved ones,
Left many more seriously ill,
Friends of friends,
Someone's someone.
Major events are abandoned,
Weddings postponed.
Unwanted but necessary vaccinations,
Putting others first,
The inconvenience of masks.
It's been a difficult
time for all
but spare a thought
at this special time of the year
for those poor souls
who have had their 
Christmas party cancelled.

22 Comments on “The covid scale

  1. Our local has always maintained outdoor dining and social distancing, and asked for proof of jabs. Guess what: the place is booming. They even took on more staff. Interesting, eh? Give people what they want.

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  2. Martyrs, each and every one of them. They should get a man fessed in a red covid suit to ring bells outside the stores collecting money to recoup their losses, and the therapy they’ll need to overcome these hardships. πŸ˜‰

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