The Doctor

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The Doctor

The junior doctor
who crawled,
drunken but uninjured
from the upturned wreckage
of the car he had chosen
as a suicide weapon.

The fresh-faced cop,
shocked by his luck
but outraged
at his recklessness
who breathalysed
and arrested him.

The sagacious magistrate
who listened impartially
to the evidence
before handing out
the punishment
required by the law.

The troubled poet,
a retired cop
who lies awake, now
understanding his pain;
hoping, too late,
he got the help he needed.

19 Comments on “The Doctor

  1. What youโ€™ve learned and what heโ€™s possibly learned, lessons that change peopleโ€™s lives. Those missteps are needed to find new paths, as I say to remember but be forgiving of yourself.

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  2. If he succeeded, I would hope that it was his family and people who loved and cared about him that received help because they will be forever and ever asking questions of themselves that are unanswerable.

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    • Absolutely true. My great granddad killed himself, as did Dot’s grandfather, and those unanswerable questions never, ever go away. ๐Ÿ˜’


      • Iโ€™m a woman with an overload of pity and empathy, but Iโ€™ve none for someone who leaves behind such a mess for those living.

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      • It is such a selfish and self-centred act but I can empathise with people who get into such a mess that they feel it’s their only way out. Sometimes they think the people they leave behind would be better off without them, although, of course, they never are. I dealt with many suicides as a cop and the stories behind them were often heart rending,

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  3. thanks for sharing this, Hobbo: it’s quite a story — and it’s repeated everyday; and you’re right: suicides are desperate; and I’m sure cops,ambos who come across such car wrecks are deeply affected; the last stanza is very powerful —

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    • Thank you, John. Emergency workers do see some awful sights and sometimes, in a quiet moment, they can come back and haunt us. Writing about things definitely helps! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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