Early Christmas

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com
Early Christmas

Christmas day in springtime,
The sun lay three feet deep,
When Santa rode in, breathless
Astride a Herdwick sheep.

The reindeers had been poorly,
Excess of mince pies eaten.
Then Santa caught the Covid
But he would not be beaten.

So, although a smidgen early
To have Christmas in Spring,
Let's hope that twenty-twenty-two
A better year will bring.

14 Comments on “Early Christmas

  1. Mr Worms thinks Omicron is our ticket of leave… from the Pandemic at least. As to Snotty Scotty, I’m hoping he’ll roll out his last barrels of pork in the new year before being put out to pasture with a stamp on his arse that says “Expired”. What are your plans for Bojo?

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    • Well, I hope that Mr Worms is spot on! If he is then, this time next year, I will be in Melbourne with my youngest son.👌

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      • Eldest son Skype’d us last night. Don’t you love how nouns are so easily verb’d nowadays? Anyway, it’s going on 3-years since we’ve given each other a hug. He was out at sea for a year, and then Covid hit. Seems like forever.

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      • Hopefully we will both be able to give our sons a big hug next year. Skype and WhatsApp are just not the same.👍😊

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