A fishy accident

Photo by Lone Jensen on Pexels.com
A fishy accident

A naturist
and a humourist
discussed a fish
with an aquarist,
till a terrorist
of a motorist,
knocked all three down
in a swirling mist.

24 Comments on “A fishy accident

  1. WHat do you get if you cross an arborist and an atheist? That popped into my head because of the “ist” endings but I don’t know an answer. Can you think of one? There’s a famous(ish) Australian cryptic crossword setter called David Astle. I heard him interviewed on a podcast. He was talking about riddles. Apparently Lewis Carroll had an unanswered riddle in Alice in Wonderland and his readers were furious. There has since been a good answer made up for it. LOL. I can’t remember the riddle or the newly made up answer. Another riddle he told was from one of the Batman movies. THe joker asked “There are three men on a boat with four cigarettes but no matches. How do they get to smoke the cigarettes?” The answer was “They throw one cigarette overboard so the boat is a cigarette lighter.”


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