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It is noise,
not silence;
the tuning fork
building slowly
to a crescendo
then dying away
gently as the fading echo
of a departed lover,
is a welcome,
occasional visitor.

It is the car engine
at the end of the street,
ticking over
in my head,
muffling sounds
so subtly,
I only hear it 
in the long hours,
when nothing else stirs,
then I hear it,
loud in the absence of crowd,
in the darkness.
You don't hear it,
do you?
Are you deaf?

10 Comments on “Deafness

  1. Tinnitus? I’ve six discrete blurred whines coming and going. Have ever since I remember. Without them I wonder if I’d hear real sounds any better.

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      • Without being “catty” (pardon, Dauph) have to add not hearing well is a bit of a blessing sometimes. Often. Regularly. Certain people. Do good stuff, Hobbs. You and Mrs. H stay healthy, stay safe, and I hope 2022 is wildly nice to you.

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      • And the same for you and your good lady. I have to agree about the hearing, Mrs H calls it selective deafness!.

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