That’s odd

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That's odd

Call me a grumpy old sod
but this fashion for wearing odd socks,
well, I'm sorry, it's odd.

I've seen it with sneakers too,
one sneaker is orange,
the other, light blue.

Where will this fashion end,
odd gloves, odd trousers,
it's confusing, my friend.

I am bald, my wife has long hair,
are we state of the art,
the original odd pair?

17 Comments on “That’s odd

      • Oh there’s a Youtube political commentator who Mr Worms follows called Jordan somebody. He’s an ex model and he has one blue eye and one brown eye. His Youtube Channel is called Friendly Jordies. I can’t watch it. It’s too modern. LOL. By that I mean, it flashes around from close up to his face to some document to a cartoon or whatever. I just find it visually exhausting. But the content is very thorough.

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