Excuse me?

Photo by Kindel Media on Pexels.com
Excuse me?

My wife is aware
That I'm deaf as a tree
Yet still she insists
On talking to me

Through the back of a door
From a different room
When I'm trying to chat
to my colleagues on Zoom.

Or, sat on the loo
With my head in my hands
And I can't hear a thing
For the whirring of fans.

When the dog starts to bark
Cos it's time for a walk
And the phone's ringing out,
Then that's when she'll talk.

Or, we're sat in the car
With the road-traffic noise
And hearing-aids buzz
With the arguing boys

In the back, she will turn
Smile sweetly my way,
"You don't ever listen,
to a damn word I say!"

19 Comments on “Excuse me?

  1. brilliant Hobbo: so easy to relate to this; my partner does it too; having more hearing in one ear than the other complicated things — and while on the topic, I don’t know about UK TV but in OZ on free to air tele, there’s a plethora — don’t you love that word? — of Hearing Aid ads — and posturepedic chairs πŸ™‚

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