Daytime TV

Photo by Nothing Ahead on
Daytime TV

Cremation ads, funeral ads,
Equity release,
Hands off our money;
Leave us in peace.

Reclining chairs and stairlifts,
You're messing with my head;
As far as admen are concerned
We're simply walking dead.

26 Comments on “Daytime TV

  1. I will say in defense if stair lifts my dad has one in his house and it saved his life. The stairs in his house are deadly weapons for falling and breaking ones neck

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  2. Let’s not forget the catheter and incontinence ads. TMI! I never watch TV during the day. I have to be sick in bed before flipping on daytime TV. But I will freely admit to recording Days of Our Lives and watching it with my husband in the evening! Lol!! One of my guilty pleasures. ๐Ÿ–ฅ


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