The helpful pharmacist

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The helpful pharmacist

Lateral flow's
The way to go,
We're wanting you to use them
But pick up's gone,
It's harder son,
We can't have you abuse them!

At a time when UK residents are being encouraged to take more lateral flow tests, you can no longer simply pick them up free of charge from any pharmacy. You now have to pre-order them and obtain a barcode.

37 Comments on “The helpful pharmacist

  1. They’re posting them out now. I ordered some through the site, arrived in yesterday’s post.

    The sad thing is, that’s the only way Mrs Bump (an NHS nurse) could obtain any. They only send out packs of 7 so we both ordered some for her.

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    • At the start of this epidemic our chemist couldn’t give them away quick enough. He had boxes of the things stored at the back of the shop.

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      • Y, same here. Mrs B said her surgery had boxes of hundreds.

        I must admit, I never tested apart from the PCR tests I was forced to have to travel to France last summer. I always just let her get on with it and figured that, if she had it, so did I.

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      • Do you wanna hear something really dumb?

        I just ordered some last Wed, I think it was. Might have been Tue. Arrived yesterday. The gov site (10 minutes ago) let me order more!

        I swear, these people have absolutely no idea how inefficiently govt money is being spent!

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  2. Sounds like here. They’re trying to transition from PCR to RAT (the second being tests you can do yourself at home but which you buy where the first are conducted at a testing centre and are free) but all the RAT tests get snapped up and if you’re depending on one to be allowed into your workplace…. tough titties.

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  3. I read last night Biden will start offering free at home kits limit 4 per family which is a relief since they are no where to be found at pharmacies where I live

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