What do women do all day?

Photo by Olga Lioncat on Pexels.com
What do women do all day?

Hobbo, my man, you are looking dead beat.
I am, to be frank, mate, I'm run off my feet.
Mrs H. has been ill for a couple of weeks
So, I've picked up the housework. It's not for the weak.

I've vacuumed and dusted and mopped 'kitchen floor,
The washing, the ironing, there's always some more.
This morning, tried changing the sheets on the bed
And finished inside of the duvet instead.

My cooking's improving, though not Cordon Bleu,
Honestly, pal, it's a bit of a blur.
I don't wish to drag down the talk to obscene
But even the toilet has had a deep clean.

Hand on my heart and I say it with pride,
I've done all the jobs that she takes in her stride.
No wonder you're knackered, I'll stand you a drink!
Sorry, no, I must dash, there are pots in the sink.

19 Comments on “What do women do all day?

  1. Tell you what… I’m so glad we got beyond twin tubs, wringers, mechanical vacuum cleaners, wood-burning hot water systems, etc. And thank goodness for dishwashers and the occasional microwave.

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  2. Yessir! I for one never complain about household duties and fully understand the work involved in keeping house, cooking, shopping, and so on. I do my share. And Boss loves to cross the line to yardwork when she can.

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    • Good for you SP, really. I was OK with Mrs H. doing the lion’s share while I was working, but things change. It’s not the individual jobs that I find difficult, it’s the juggling all of them. A bit like the old spinning plates trick. Thanks for popping in.

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  3. My husband says “BRAVO”.. After my surgery he took over completely. Now I’m back to waiting on him. He did great but I’m happy to be back.


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