Kid’s legs

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Kid's legs

I feel really sorry
For children today,
Many whose legs
Do not work the right way.

Exceed fifty yards,
Their bodies break down
And you'll find they need lifts
In your car, into town

Or to school, or the flicks
While they sit in the rear
Playing video games
With their buds in their ears.

It doesn't last long-
Like a teenager's grub-
When they relearn to walk
With their mates to the pub.

27 Comments on “Kid’s legs

  1. Daughter’s favourite retort was always, “Mum, can you drop me at the busstop?” And she quickly worked out that if she left it late enough, mum would have to take her all the way to school.

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  2. Should just issue recliners at birth make walkways for rollers and cherish our girths. πŸ˜‰ I love walking and biking, but I don’t see as many people out anymore.


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