Downing Street Parties

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Downing Street Parties

The report should be published;
We may get all the facts.
Those transgressors of rules
Now, could even get sacked.

The breakers of law
On both sides of the house;
Does that include you, 
Mr PM and your spouse?

When the fibbers all leave
It is evident that
The only one left
Will be Larry, the cat.

27 Comments on “Downing Street Parties

  1. I preict that Gray’s words will leave sufficient ambiguity.
    The Met will find “not enough evidence”. We’ve heard it all before.
    The true test woill be in May, when Johnson faces elections I haven’t heard any members of the public yet give him the benefit of the doubt. Doesn’t matter how despicable he is, the Tories have just one question: will he deliver the next election? If no, they will dispatch him.

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      • The BBC’s main story this morning was that Boris was going to visit the Ukraine area. So what? What difference does he possibly think it make?

        And you realise that it’s one great big circus, reliant on idiots like him, doing nothing, but a “nothing” that they can report on to try to appear as credible news organisations.

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      • We are governed by swindlerrs and informed by con artists. It gets me very cross, so I try not to think too much about it. πŸ˜‚

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      • It does kinda make you think, why do these people battle so hard for power?
        I mean, all the parties are 90% similar so it’s not the end of the world if someone gets to govern for a few years.
        In a nice, flat society, it shouldn’t be that big a deal.
        And yet it is.

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      • As I get older, my vote seems increasingly pointless. As you say, there is not much difference between them.

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  2. I’m annoyed how much money is going into this investigation. Just name and fine the offenders, and stop wasting money. Even Blair’s β€œcash for honours” amounted to nothing.

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