My friend, Jane

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My friend, Jane

Hungerford lass, seventy-two,
Suffers colloquial to-do,
The issue for her was I.T.
What happened, you ask, goodness me!

Engrossed in her books, the hard drive
Of her Dell, tried to eat her, alive.
It settled for chewing her foot,
Which in plaster of Paris was put.

Her passion for theatre must wait
Now, the girl's in a sedentary state.
Before she kicks any more bytes,
We need to buy Jane some foot-lights.

14 Comments on “My friend, Jane

  1. From sparky to narky, it’s the IT hierarchy. Whatever one does, one’s brain turns to fuzz. If I were your Jane, I’d retire to Spain. She could take up the sports of Flamenco and tortes. Much safer, I think than IT on the blink.

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  2. I can tell you had fun with this one, Hobbo: close to my hears as my computer turned on me and provoked some biffo: we both suffred: he’s now in repair hence my absence —

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