The perfect bean

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The perfect bean

The perfect bean, n'existe pas,
Politicians make stupid decisions,
Footballers kick it over the bar,
And surgeons erroneous incisions.

Motorists can drive too fast
And poets pen poems that are naff,
Financiers lose all our cash
And comics don't all make us laugh.

Kids can be cruel to each other,
People may just get it wrong,
The whole world does not love their mother,
Singers will sing a crap song.

Sometimes we say silly things,
Sometimes, we're way off the mark,
Sometimes, we're small human beans
Scrabbling around in the dark.

Too often, we beat ourselves up,
When things aren't 100% right
But that's simply life in a cup,
Even Dickens could sometimes write shite!

15 Comments on “The perfect bean

    • Thank you. It (Dickens) is a very moving poem. He is much better known for his novels though. Strange too how he often slipped deliberately bad poetry or songs into his stories. At other times, you can be reading his prose and suddenly realise that he has slipped into quite exquisite rhyme. He was indeed a very talented man.

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