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Ere Romeo and Juliet
Amassed devotees, legion
Juliet's main attraction;
Her bra - balcony region.

Cleopatra's love 
Was almost in his grasp
When Anthony fixed her mum's back door
And offered her an 'asp.

Delilah cut his hair,
He'd asked her for a trim;
When Samson saw a mirror,
It proved too much for him.

Henry eighth, the cruellest though,
When Anne Boleyn soft said,
I'd like to lose a little weight,
He yelled, Off with her head!

'asp: Hasp and staple, an old fashioned lock system for a door or gate

14 Comments on “Lovers

  1. Well, it’s sure to drop a few kilos, even if it’s mostly empty from lack of use. Delightful “lifting up” of these classic moments. All grins and giggles, here.

    Liked by 1 person

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