Her Majesty, the Queen

Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels.com
Her Majesty, the Queen

A lifetime of service,
Seventy years
Of intimate thoughts
And camouflaged tears.

An unmatched example
Of duty put first;
Fourteen Prime Ministers,
Who was the worst?

With no one to listen
Now that Philip has gone;
Unique your perspective
Alone on your throne.

Ma'am, we salute you
For all that you've done;
Rarely wrong-footed,
Endeavour has shone.

May it last a bit longer
This lifetime, God-blessed,
Your Majesty rocks,
You are simply, the best!

25 Comments on “Her Majesty, the Queen

  1. I have to admit, when I do think about the Queen (which I do occasionally) I can’t help feeling horribly sorry for her. I don’t know a lot about her but I feel like it must be such a suppressed life. I wonder when she gets to really blow her stack or just burp like nobody’s listening or sing out of tune or turn up a Beatles track and shake her bum around a bit. Or just eat chips and gravy without being photographed because some gravy fell on her chin. I feel like it’s unfair to have to be the Queen all the time. It should be 9-5 and the rest of the time she’s just Mrs McAdams at number 34.

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    • Your thoughts summarise what it must be like, and that’s why I wrote this tribute today. She is an incredible woman and I am told by those in the know (which could never be me!) that she has a terrific sense of humour. She occasionally has a bit of a laugh at the races but even then she is very guarded. Her favourite pastime is dog walking and I can understand why!

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  2. We here in The States are border-line obsessed with The Royals. I remember setting my alarm clock (a concept alien to me!) just so I could watch the wedding of Charles and Diana. We sit in awe of QE2. It can’t be easy being Queen! πŸ‘‘

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    • I agree, Nancy. The Royal family is far too big and costs too much as a result but I really do take my hat off to that lady.

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  3. Thank you for this amazing poem. I feel a lot of respect for her. Especially after having watched the Crown. It helped me realize how she had to go through so many crises. I am in awe. Amazing.

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  4. Nice tribute, Hobbo. Of all the public figures I’ve witnessed in my lifetime, she’s one of very few that I fully admire and respect. Not perfect, of course, but she’s done so well with the hand she’s been dealt in life. And she was dealt a doozy!

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