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If you hate me
because I am different;
you are a brute.

If you dislike me
because of the difference;
you are intolerant.

If you embrace
my difference;
we could become friends.

If you don't notice
I am different;
we are brother and sister
and the world has hope.

27 Comments on “Difference

      • A grand chuckle in this’n. I’ve stood behind one too many brews (or Double Irish) admiring stunning women trying to remain ‘cool,’ and handsome men who made me envious. Later, in sober daylight, wondered, “What the hey was I thinking?” That as a youth. Now a bit older, and despite suggestions, not that much wiser, I see the good and the charm of most every woman which usually lasts even after they open their mouths. Those studly males? [Snicker] whimps and idiots.

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      • Not really much left we older gents haven’t done, and done well, or poorly. “Older” has us not giving a rip which car won the race – we were in it for the ride. Hey! Who’s to say, “Stupid”?

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      • Very true, my friend. Nice to swing the lamp, as always. Is that a US expression? If not, it means chat.

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  1. This is really interesting, Hobbo. I adore Mr Mโ€™s differences, and love him because of them. To not notice another personโ€™s differences can only be because theyโ€™re too self-absorbed. A adore people who are different from me, who think differently than me – I canโ€™t imagine being attracted to someone just like me. Iโ€™m tedious and cranky and opinionated and proof that wisdom doesnโ€™t come with age. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Nevertheless, I love your poem; itโ€™s very different.

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  2. It’s not necessarily the noticing (we notice differences between each other all the time) but more how we behave because of what we’ve noticed that counts – in my humble opinion anyway.

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