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When disagreements turn to war;
Result, invariably, a draw,
With bitter claim and counterclaim,
Thousands killed and yet more maimed.

Remind me of that final score
And what we all were fighting for.
As children cry and women grieve,
What did those unmarked graves achieve?

As years pass by, we soon forget
The reasons for this base roulette
But when the next cause comes, humane,
We stand and do it all again.

30 Comments on “War

      • Wow. Very understandable then. I bet you’re hooked on those fascinating naval documentaries. We love them.


      • I think we missed that. When and where? Weโ€™re hooked on The Promise BBC4 9pm Saturday. French police mystery with subtitles, available on BBC iplayer now.

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      • There have been a few. The current one, Warship; A life at sea is on Channel 5 on Monday nights. We love those BBC4 subtitled mysteries. If you haven’t seen one called Spiral, that is well worth a watch. it’s finished now after about 8 series, but is still available on catch-up, I think.


      • I think we saw a few of Navy series last year, but weโ€™ve missed the current one. Iโ€™ll set it to record. Yes, we watched all of Spiral. It was brilliant.

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      • BTW, WordPress just wrote me โ€œThe developer has deployed a fix for the bug today, so you should no longer encounter any further issues with commenting from the Reader.โ€ ๐Ÿฅณ

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  1. Not looking good is it? Hopefully it’s just the Russians flexing their muscles. I’m sure Mr Putin is a very level headed bloke…

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